The TVNinc. Local Freelance Alliance is not a replacement for a labor broker. It is a supplement to a tour crew or a local crew.

Members have been chosen as they perform their specialized skills in the very highest of technical and professional quality.


Freelancers have been selected for this directory by TVNinc. or recommended by one of the trusted selected freelancers in the Alliance. The order listed is based solely on the date that they have agreed to take part in this directory.


Freelancers contacted directly have no legal affiliation with TVNinc. on any particular program unless hired through TVNinc. as requested to be a part of a production/show crew.


Access to this directory is of no monitory charge but it is asked as part of an honor system that if an Alliance member has contributed to the success of a particular show/program that our collective Alliance resource would be recommended to other colleagues in our industry.


This directory will continue to be updated on a regular basis.


From all of us at TVNinc. & The Alliance - All the best of luck on your next successful show.




I understand and agree that the freelancers listed have no legal or contractual affiliation with TVNinc.

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